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Friday, December 1

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Saturday, December 2

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302 Numerical Fluency With Visual Number Talks Dot Models HeatherPam Smith 309 Ramp Up for Student Success: Accelerate Learning (3-5) MarlinArienne Rusgal • Isabel Garcia 310 Number Line to 10,000,000, Other Math Manipulatives, & STEAM CurlewJim Franklin 312 Want to Develop Fluency with Functions? Algebrafy Patterns! DolphinTom Beatini 316 Data: More Than Just Numbers – a data visualization project Nautilus EastBeth Alsberg 321 Slaying the MS Classroom with Number Sense Routines AfterglowTheodore Sagun • Guadalupe Portillo Deras 322 Number Line Probability with Dice EmbersDavid Woodford 301 How to Do Less Work & Get Better Results–Use the AFTL Method Fred FarrIvan Cheng 303 Continual Meaning Making through Discrete Math KilnMelody Morris • Osvaldo Soto 304 When is equal not equitable: Modeling in Geometry Oak ShelterJoanne Becker 305 BQF: Big Questions First EvergreenHallie Foster 306 Quick Routines to Foster Collaboration ScrippsCaroline Loomis 315 Coaching to Support Understanding & Content Access for All TritonMardi Gale 300 Math-ish – Enchant your students with the ish version of maths ChapelJo Boaler 311 The Power in Struggle: Creating Equitable Access to Math SanderlingNigel Nisbet 317 PLC: Purposely Leveraging Community to Serve our Students Nautilus WestPeg Cagle 320 Exploring Expected Value With Strategic Games HearthChris Bolognese 307 CANMEE Lesson Study for Equity and Excellence in TK-2 AcaciaSuzanne Ebrahimian • Daniel Brenner 308 Math Moments: Harnessing fun to build grit and understanding ToyonSean Reidy

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1:00pm PST

406 Give Math A Fair Chance! ScrippsClaudia Bertelone-Smith Bertolone-Smith • Diana Moss 409 Creating Systems for Effective Math Intervention MarlinJessica Rockwood 410 Fractions: the well-chosen rectangle, pies, and a challenge CurlewHenri Picciotto 412 Whole Classroom Math Games for Thinking and Discourse DolphinKevin Deutsch 416 Visual Power! A Pathway to Understand Equations & Fractions Nautilus EastDavid Mattoon 420 Supporting Student Progress in Mathematics: A Framework for All Learners HearthDr. Mike Torres 421 Get MAD! Making Decisions with Mean Absolute Deviation AfterglowSusan Hoffmier 404 Venn Diagrams: A power tool for Simplifying vs. Solving. Oak ShelterBeth Baker 405 Thin Slicing Curriculum--Getting from Point A to Point B EvergreenSharon Soule 417 Problems with Hooks (Hooky Problems) Nautilus WestMichael Stern 422 Rethinking Formative Assessment to Promote Equity EmbersMatt Wallace 415 Organizing a community math Festival - Humboldt Math Fest TritonKen Pinkerton 400 How to make a better marketing team for math ChapelHowie Hua 401 Design for Diversity: Solve Inequities with Creativity Fred FarrEd Campos • Sandhya Raman 403 Mathematics Framework: R.E.A.L. Math KilnMa Bernadette Salgarino 411 Bringing Mathematical Reasoning to Life SanderlingMeagan Thompson 402 Pathways to Powerful Place Value HeatherJoseph Espinosa 408 Routines, Resources, and Games to Build Primary Number Sense ToyonMichelle Pauls 407 Finding the Beauty in Numbers Through Choral Counting AcaciaLiz Gamino

2:20pm PST

502 How does Peer Feedback Support Understanding of Fractions? HeatherSuzanne Abdelrahim • Rachel Restani 509 Collaborative Problem Solving on VNPS Using Manipulatives MarlinGail Standiford • Beena Menon 511 Empowering Students through Formative Routines SanderlingCheryl Tobey 510 Create problem solvers; incorporate manipulatives with BTC CurlewVeronica Enriquez 512 Perodic Table: the Math is Elemental! DolphinBecca Schuler 516 Storylines that Inspire Meaningful Mathematical Connections Nautilus EastShannon McCaw 521 Unleashing the Potential of Peer Tutoring in Math Education AfterglowSoren Rosier 504 Tearing Up Your Dataset to Understand How to Make a Graph Oak ShelterZeke Kossover 505 Financial Applications: Real-World, Real Math, Real Interest EvergreenRichard Sgroi 517 Nspire App for iPad: Best Practices Nautilus WestTravis Bower 522 Classroom Ready Statistics projects EmbersDean Becker 515 Bridging Elementary & Middle School Mathematics TritonRobert Preston 500 Sense-Making: Is it at the Core of Your Classroom? ChapelAnnie Fetter 501 Standards Based Grading (SBG): Seven years of lessons Fred FarrSean Nank 503 Algebra Across the K-12 Curriculum KilnGail Burrill 520 Equitable Math Instruction through Cultural Relevance HearthIndia White 506 Units Coordination in Hands On Activities for Primary Grades ScrippsDiana Moss 507 Ditch the Pencils! Teaching Math in Kg/1st grade AcaciaKathleen Jalalpour 508 MULTIPLICANDO- Growing the capacity to master math through movement and imagination. ToyonHoward Schrager

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Sunday, December 3

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